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VKS Farms is one of the leading integrated processor and retailer of hygienic meat. VKS's differentiation stems from its diverse product mix of chicken, egg, meat and salt; and a completely integrated poultry supply-chain spanning grandparent birds to commercial birds facilities to processing to retailing. VKS Farms is a Rs.350 Crore company catering to both domestic market and exports to over 30 countries.

With its state-of-the-art processing plant built to international standards, VKS has emerged as a key player in the hygienic meat retailing market in India. Ventureast invested in the company in 2011, through the Ventureast Life Fund, and currently works with the company to achieve a four-fold growth within the next three years. Ventureast is helping VKS complete the company's backward integration and expansion of its meat retailing capabilities, to enable VKS to deliver hygienic, processed meats to the end-consumer.

Captain’s Deck A. Sivakumar, Managing Director & Founder- VKS Farms
Siva, an MBA graduate and a first generation entrepreneur started his business first, interestingly through internet trading to export salt to Africa. His keen interest in entering the largely unorganized exports for farming products and meat retailing industry egged him on to start VKS in 2001 and expand to other product lines. At his young age of 34, he built an impressive Rs.350 crore company with his unstinted efforts backed by an able team of professionals. Today, VKS is rated as one of the top five integrated poultry players in India. The company has received the prestigious APEDA gold trophy award for largest exporter of poultry products in India.
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