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We are an awarding Law Firm located in San Francisco

about us

Partnering with trailblazing entrepreneurs since 1997

Ventureast is one of the longest standing Venture capital fund managers in India, investing since 1997 and managing close to $325+ million.

100+ investments in Technology, Healthcare and Clean Environment

Ventureast is possibly the only Indian Fund Manager that has dedicated funds and teams for each sector- life sciences & healthcare, and separately for technology driven businesses.

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What we look for

A differentiated approach to solving a large unmet need in the Indian market


A team with deep domain expertise ranging from mobility, cloud, consumer internet, IoT, digital health & clean tech; a wealth of operational experience and knowledge gained by helping our investee partners differentiate.

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Ventureast has enabled over 100 businesses in Technology, Life Sciences and emerging sectors to become leaders in their individual spaces.

investment philosophy

At Ventureast, we focus on rapidly growing businesses that have clearly defined competitive advantages. We are passionate about what we do, we are extremely hands-on, and we have delivered great returns.

investment philosophy

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