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Srikanth Sundararajan
Srikanth Sundararajan
General Partner

Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan is a General Partner with Ventureast, and works closely with the Ventureast Proactive Fund’s portfolio to help them scale their business operations. 25+ years of innovative software and entrepreneurial experience and 8+ years in investments with a host of leading technology firms in India and the US.

Prior to Ventureast, Srikanth was the Worldwide Head of Corporate Strategy and Technology and previously, Chief Operating Officer of Persistent Systems, Pvt. Ltd. He was instrumental in establishing industry-leading practices in the areas of Cloud Computing, Mobility, Analytics, and Collaborations, which today drive 50% of the company’s revenues; and serviced marquee clients such as IBM, Microsoft,, Google, Rack Space, Yahoo, VM Ware, Wells Fargo, among others. During his tenure, the company more than tripled its revenue and had a very successful public offering in April of 2010.

Before Persistent Systems, Srikanth founded Pretzel Logic, a wining software product services business and, over a nine-year period, provided design/architecture/implementation consulting expertise to companies like SUN, SGI, HP, and SAIC, registering triple digit growth for six straight years and gaining recognition as one of the Top 100 Private Companies in the Bay Area three years in a row. His firm was acquired in 2001 by a BEA Systems Inc spin off.

Srikanth was also the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of HCL responsible for delivery and all strategic technology initiatives, after which he transitioned to become the worldwide CTO for Cognizant. Srikanth was responsible for setting up and driving worldwide product development for International Decision Systems, a financial services product startup, which was eventually acquired by a large private equity firm.

During this tenure at HP, he was part of the original team that architected and implemented the first IDE on Unix for C/C++/Cobol called SoftBench. Industry leaders such as IBM, CDC, Informix, and Honeywell-Bull licensed this technology.

Srikanth has a B.Tech degree from IIT Madras, and earned his MS and PhD in Computer & Information Sciences from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He has made innumerable contributions to conferences over the years, and is also the holder of patents. Srikanth is a Visiting Faculty at Virginia Tech, and IIT Bhubaneswar, where his focus areas are Cloud Computing and Software Engineering.

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